Friday, July 28, 2006

I Get It Now

Whenever I go on a trip there is something that I must do. I have to clean my entire house from top to bottom. I don't know what it is, but I can not do anything the day before except clean my house. I will even stay up with no sleep just so I can have a clean house when we leave for wherever, but more importantly have a clean house when I get back.

Initially hubby thought that I was out of my mind. Then at a party my cousin had for his then newborn had made the comment that when he found out his wife was in labor how they both started to clean the house before they left for the hospital because they did not want to come home to a dirty house.

I looked at hubby and at that moment he got it, I wasn't coocoo afterall.

Now for some eye candy. When I came home the other day, this is what I found in the driveway.

I finally started the edging of the shawl, but the progress has been slow, afterall, I have been cleaning.

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