Monday, July 10, 2006


When I was growing up, we always had our "routine." On Fridays we would do all of the chores dust, vacuum, bathrooms, and laundry. In order to be able to do anything like go out with friends, I first had to come home to do my portion of the chores. Usually I would end up staying home because I could not finish all of the ironing. It wasn't all bad though because my best friend would come over we'd order pizza and rent movies. We would do this almost every weekend. I hated having to do chores, but loved having my best friend over.

To this day, I hate ironing. Don't get me wrong, I try not to let my family go out of the house looking like we just got them from the bottom of the hamper or anything. I do iron, but only if absolutely necessary. If hubby has to wear a suit, then I will iron the shirt that goes with it, but not all of the clothes at once like when I was younger.

The reason I mention this is because as much as I try not to be too structured and have too much of a routine. I realize that I do need the routine. The past few weeks have been a little chaotic and I realize how much I need it, the structure that is.

Not that things are so out of hand or anything. When I hurt my back, my house was out of control. I mean man was this place a mess. Before my back was healed, hubby had his surgery and was not able to help out (not that he helps out all that much anyway). With both of us out of commission, it was easy for the house to look, how should I say, bad.

Even though my routine is not the same as when I was younger, I still have a routine. Now that I have been out of the routine thing for the last couple of weeks, I am coming back to it. And it feels good.

Look what I finished a couple of days ago.

They are Hedera from Knitty. Click on the link under my finished projects in the sidebar for more details.

Now back to my knitting routine.

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Melissa said...

The socks look great. I love the color!