Monday, January 08, 2007

I need to relax

I finished the cap I was making for B. Although I wanted to finish it before 2007 began, I ended up finishing it the following morning. I was trying to get B to take a pic in it, but he being almost 6 wouldn't sit still long enough. Now I can't find it. Go figure.

I was anxious to work on another pair of socks for myself, so I have worked on (and finished) these.

They are the first pair of socks that I made for myself using Koigu KPPPM. All I have to say about them is yummmmmmm! They are so so so so comfy.

After I finished these on Saturday, the guilt of making something for B and not K started sinking in. So I decided to make K another pair of socks. I decided to so a basic stockinette in self patterning yarn and after double knitting B's cap, I thought that I would do K's socks the same way.

They say third times a charm right? The first time I tried to do the two socks at once toe up. Things seemed fine until I realized that I wasn't going to be able to check to make sure the socks were separated because they would be enclosed by the toes.

The next time I tried, I went from the top down. I was doing well until I had turned the heel. Somehow I managed to switch yarns. So the yarn that I was using for one sock I was now using for the other. Uggg!

This was where I was with K's sock this morning.

I decided that I was not going to do the two socks at once thing. Besides constantly mixing up the yarn while turning the heel/toes, the fabric was just so loose. So now I am doing it the ol' fashion way. One at a time.

The pic above was taken on the way to the mountains when we left our house. I wanted to do progress shots every hour, just because.

This was my next (and only other) progress shot for the day. Hubby made great time. What normally would take one and a half hours or so, only took a little over an hour.

We had a great time snowboarding. Though my ankles feel like they are falling apart. They have been bugging me a little for the last couple of months every time I would go running. I attributed it to needing a new pair of running shoes. Even with new running shoes, the ankles are still a little uncomfortable. But after boarding for five hours, they are swollen and I am having trouble bending one of them.

I need to take a break and stay off of them for a little while, but we are going to take the kids to the "Magic Kingdom" for the next two days.

Wish me luck!


Dipsy said...

Yummy! The socks that you did for yourself are amazing - they look so soft and cozy, and I totally love the pattern as well as the colourway! Fantastic job!
I've tried my hands at all kinds of different sock-knitting-versions out there - doing two at a time, doing them toe up and and and... but poor old-fashioned me has always returned to the old, tried-and-true version - I seem to have no chance with anything else, especially not with knitting two at a time... ;(
I'm way impressed by how yours are coming along - fantastic colours too!

Kylie said...

Your socks look amazing :) Good Luck lol

flutter said...

LOVE your socks! do you know of anywhere that shows how to join in for gussets? I always get so confused!