Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Just one of those days

Have you ever had one of those days that at the time you think is just a horrible day and then after you have time to look back, was actually kind of funny?

Yesterday was one of those days for me. See my car battery decided that it had enough and was not going to work for me anymore. Not really a big deal, but when you are running late to take your child to speech therapy, speech therapy in which your child actually wants to go to, the crying child puts a little damper on things.

After calling the speech teacher to let her know that K wasn't going to be there and then calling Hubby to let him know what was going on, I went to the garage to jump the car. While my head was under the hood of the car was when I realized that the hydraulics that hold the hood open no longer worked. I have a nice little bump to prove it. I ended up going ghetto and holding the hood open with a broom, yes I did.

While I was on my way to exchange the battery I called Hubby again and during the conversation he asked if I wanted him to take care of everything. I think I was in my driveway before I even said yes.

Needless to say I have a new battery and bat in my trunk. Not that the bat is all unusual for me especially with softball. But I have a special bat in my trunk, you know in case I need to hold the hood of my car open.

And now for another fo.





They are the Entrelac Socks from IK. Click on the pic for a bigger view and more info.

Oh and if I would have changed the battery when I initially thought that it was about to go last month, none of this would have happened. But then I wouldn't have had an excuse for the second glass of wine last night.


eve knits said...

love the socks!! super cute!!

Pamela said...

Oh, that's too funny.
The socks are beautiful!
I have never done entrelac before, I may have to give it a try.