Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Go K!

Today is K's first day of pre-k. I thought that he was going to have some difficulties when I dropped him off because when I took him to his class to meet his teacher last week he clung to me and cried a little when we were in the class.

Today when we were getting ready he was a tad fussy as you can see in the pic below.

the boys first day of pre school

Today's pic is the one on the far right. Doesn't he look excited?

When I dropped him off he found his cubby, put his snack in the cubby, turned, gave me a kiss, and was on his way.

You go K!

Now the only thing left is for me to decide what I am going to do with all this free time.


Jean said...

What to do with the free time? Knitting, of course. :)

Becka the Spoiled Knitter said...

LOL, I was going to say exactly what jean said!
His pics are precious!

soapy said...

LOL aren't they too funny!

knit of course!