Thursday, July 19, 2007

Really, I'm not

A sock knitter that it. Or at least I don't really consider myself one. Though you wouldn't be able to tell from the last five eight projects I have completed. I even have a pair on the needles as we speak.

Socks, we all need them and we can wear them year round especially where I live. Sweaters, not so much, especially when the temperature seems to hover over 95 degrees during the summer months.

When I first learned how to knit, if I were to knit something they were going to be on big needles, afterall, I like instant gratification. In fact one of the first gifts I made were some socks knit on size US 8/5mm, they were knit flat and then seamed.

The thought of knitting on needles smaller than a US 5/3.75mm was something that I just did not want to do.

Fast forward four years and I think I have made at least twenty pair. Some for me but mostly for others.

Here is a pic of some of the most recent socks I finished.

I'm not a sock knitter ~ really
Click on the photo for more details

My next project big/main project will be something other than socks, though I probably will have a pair on the needles for the mindless Michelle's in the passenger seat knit.


Jean said...

Great sock stack picture. I know exactly what you mean about socks being a more practical knit for us here in SoCal than items like hats, scarves and sweaters. But I so love sweaters. Lately, I've been contemplating a cotton sweater bender. Actually, I've kind of already started if I count the baby sweaters I'm working on. But I digress. Have you picked your next main project? Maybe some lace? I just got EZ's Knitters Almanac and she does lace shawls for July. If EZ recommends it, you know it's a good idea.

StringPlay said...

That's a great looking stack of socks! And your entrelac ones are looking so good as well.