Thursday, July 12, 2007

Plan B

I wanted to take the kiddos to the Los Angeles Children's Museum in Downtown, but when I was looking them up I found out the museum was closed. I called to see if it was a temporary type of thing, but the number was no longer in service.

I truly hope that it is a temporary thing and they do open again. I have very fond memories of that place as a child and would love for my children to have the experience.

I went with plan B, Kidspace Museum in Pasadena.

Do you see what I see

Where are we?

Bugs and Buggas

follow the leader

The boys had a wonderful time.

I almost forgot. Look what I did.

shades of green

I dyed it for my sister. We were talking about colors and she mentioned that she loved green, all shades which gave me the great idea to dye some yarn for her and then make her some socks out of the yarn.

The only thing is, I like looking at the hank so much, I may never knit it, let alone part with it.

How wrong would I be if I just give her a pic of the yarn?


Jean said...

Can you replicate the dyeing process? You could dye another hank and keep that one for yourself. It came out really well. I can totally understand if you can't bring yourself to knit it.

Woman who knits said...

The yarn came out wonderfully. It is so pretty.

The boys looked like they had fun.