Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Size does matter

Needle size that is. See the two socks.

The only difference between the two are one needle size. The one on the left is knit with US size 2's and 3's are on the right.

Both of the socks have advantages of their own. For instance the right sock is definitely has more stretch to it, while the left has more definition in the cabling.

At the rate that I am going, I will barely have these socks done in time to send them out to my Sockapalooza pal. Though on the upside, I have been chugging right through the pattern repeats, so maybe it won't take so long afterall.

As for softball, I will start off by saying poor Hubby. On Wednesday and Thursday of last week he played a total of seven games. That's right seven. His knees have not been the same since. We had two games of our tournament on Saturday that he could barely move for. On Sunday I had to draw the line and tell him that I wasn't going to let him play. Reluctantly he sat out and kept the book for our team.

On the upside, Hubby's team finished third in their tournament. That is the highest that team has ranked in this tournament in many many years.

Our co-ed tournament, we're out. Though we gave it a good fight. Our last two games we played short, one player for the first game and two for the second. Both games we were always within two runs, unfortunately two runs behind at the end.

And we won our first game of our Sunday league.

Not too shabby.


Woman who knits said...

Size always matter in every aspect of life!! *snicker*

Jean said...

The socks look great! Your sock pal is very lucky. I hope your hubby is recovering.