Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Party on and on and on

Wow, I think I am still getting over all of the hustle and bustle from the weekend. And it didn't contain one ounce of playing sports on our part. I did have a soccer game Friday, but I opted out. I think I had good reason too.

Look who had a party.

K's 4th

K had been talking for months about wanting to have a party for his birthday. And if you can't tell from the big furry thing at his side, he wanted to have it here. He had such a great time. And I am still in shock at how big he is getting.

So I think you would agree that I had a valid reason to miss the game Friday night.

Saturday was dedicated to my grandmother. She will be turning ninety this week and so we celebrated on Saturday.

Four G's

There are four generations in that pic. Two of my grandmothers, my parents, me and my siblings (including Hubby), and two out of three of our kids (K was so exhausted from his party the night before he slept throughout the dinner party).

This is a pic of most of my cousins and our children with my grandmother.

I got all my sisters with me.

And finally this is a pic of me and my sisters.

Sunday was K's true birthday and Father's Day so B and I took K and Hubby to the movies followed by my parents and sisters coming over for dinner. This was the first year that I cooked for Father's Day, I think I may make a tradition of it.

Then on Monday, well I'll just say that someone else celebrated a birthday.

With all the partying and eating I need to go to the gym. I haven't been in weeks and I think it's starting to show.


Sachi said...

Dude... seriously crazy weekend but it looks like it was all wonderful! Congrats to Granny and K!

Craftybernie said...

Sounds like a lovely family weekend - children grow up very quickly. Little Miss CB is almost 10 and I don't know where the time has gone.

K obviously enjoyed himself and looks very happy!!

Your nan looks fab for her age. It's lovely to see all the generations together.

Woman who knits said...

Great pictures! It's wonderful to have all those memories!