Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Nice Battery

B: Mom, what is that battery for?

Me: Huh?

B: That battery.

Me: Oh sweety, that is not a battery that is film.

B: What is film?

Me: Film is what the old camera used.

B: Oh.

I don't think he knows exactly what I meant, but this is what started that conversation.

Hubby and I have been looking into getting a new digital camera and so I was looking at our old SLR and found that there was still a role of film in the camera.

We replaced the old SLR with a point and shoot digital about five years ago and I am guessing we haven't touched the old thing since. So I am very curious as to what is on the roll. I took to roll to be developed and can't wait to see what is on it.

As for knitting, I haven't been doing so much of it lately. We started playing in a softball tournament over the weekend so for the next few weekends it will kind of be a wait and see thing. Hubby also is starting another tournament tomorrow that will last for the next three days and like our weekend tournament he may play one game tomorrow or three depending on how they do.

So if I am a little exhausted after the weekends, you know why.


Lolly said...

I found some old film recently and got it developed. I was disappointed though... so glad my photography skills have improved!!

Jean said...

Ooh a mystery roll of film, very exciting. Still, I feel old given there are people, such as B, in this world to whom I could say, (instert crotchety, old voice) "I remember when film came in *rolls*." Have fun at softball!

Sachi said...

OMG, we're OLD!!! Does he know how to use a rotary phone? Wait, don't answer that.