Tuesday, January 15, 2008

tap...tap...anyone here?

Wow, I never had any intentions of being away for so long. Things had been quite busy and interesting after my last post. Next thing I know it's been over a month. During that month, I finished a pair of socks for my Grandmother, which I forgot to take pictures of before giving them to her...typical me.

Other than the socks, not a whole lot of knitting had been going on here as the kids were home from school on winter break for three weeks and they have just returned yesterday. So, I am hoping that I can resume to things as normal.

I did however manage to dye some yarn.

Camille's Sock Yarn

Camille's Sock Yarn3

Camille's Sock Yarn2

It's being worked into some socks for my friend Camille.

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Jean said...

Welcome back! I'm glad you're okay despite the busy hecticness. That blue is stunning!