Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Look what I found

When I first learned to knit, I did what I think many people did. Made scarves. I think I made about six scarves and a blanket before I really dove into knitting and made my first pair of socks which were knit flat and seamed up the back.

Back then it didn't even dawn on me to take a picture of the socks or of any of my finished work for that matter. Heck, at the time it never even occurred to me to use the internet as a tool to learn more about knitting. And blog...what the heck was that?

Now don't get the impression that I have been knitting for decades or anything like that, I have only been knitting for about five years, seriously knitting for maybe four. When I first learned how to knit it never dawned on me that this here internet would be such an integral part of my knitting. Back then all I would use the computer for was email and the occasional shopping. My how times have changed.

Why am I being so nostalgic? Well this weekend as I was helping the kids clean their toy room I came across one of the first scarves I made.

My early knitting   (79/365)

I don't think I made it for myself as the scarf is much shorter than my arm span. Since it was in the toy room, I'm thinking I made it for Big Monkey.

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Jean said...

I love the colors in that scarf! What a great find. It doesn't look "beginner-ish" at all. I've been cleaning out my closets and have come across some of my very early projects. It's fun to see how far I've come in just a few years. It was also amusing to me to see how my total lack of understanding about yarn substitutions made two of my bigger projects (a poncho and my first sweater) doomed from before I even cast on.