Wednesday, October 10, 2007

winds of change

Every year around the time the weather changes, I seem to get a little something I wish I didn't, a cold. The thing is the cold is not bad enough to warrant me taking anything for it, but bad enough that I can't do all of my regular exercise type things, like running, biking, and playing sports.

One thing it does afford me is more knit time.


Though I finished these a while ago. It just took me a while to photograph and upload them. I should get better at photographing my fo's because I just got a remote for my camera which makes taking the pictures sooooooooo much easier.

Also, I am starting to get a little worried regarding Sockapalooza4. I haven't received my socks yet and am getting bummed. I did get an email from my sockpal around the time the socks were supposed to go out saying that they were almost done and would be a little late. That was over two months ago. What do you think I should do? Wait a little longer? Request a sock savior? Forget about the whole thing?


eve knits said...

cute socks!

about SP$, I would request a sock savior. that stinks that someone would flake on you. it happened to me several times, and now i really don't participate in swaps. i hope this experience doesn't affect how you feel about other swaps!

Sock Pal said...

Your socks are coming. I'm trying to fix up one last problem with the socks (a too-tight heel — trying to come up with a way to fix it that won't leave it not matching the other heel or require me to spend an age reknitting half the sock), and come up with a few treats to apologize for the delay.

Sorry. I guess I'm a crummy sock partner and shouldn't participate again.

Sachi said...

Feel better, dear. And those socks are fabu!