Thursday, August 30, 2007

stash baskets

After seeing Isel's stash basket, I knew that I had to make one. Then I got the idea that I would make two as gifts for my neighbor who is about to have twins. I have to admit that crochet is not one of my favorite things to do as I have to watch the hook and yarn while crocheting, unlike knitting where I don't have to look at what I am doing. One day, maybe one day I will be able to.

Anyway, here are the finished stash baskets.

stash baskets

stash baskets

stash baskets

I am thinking of filling them with some various little things that my neighbor will need for the babies.

This is what I have on the needles right now.

peekaboo rib sock wip

Have to go. K gets to meet his teacher today and I'm running late


Jean said...

Those baskets are adorable. The sock looks great, too. I love the doggie sleeping in the background of that picture. :)

Woman who knits said...

How adorable. I really like those baskets!!!