Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Guess who lost their first tooth. I'll give you a hint.

see, I got a loose tooth

A few weeks ago, I noticed that one of B's teeth looked a little different, so when I asked him to show me the tooth, I noticed that it was a little loose. I told him not to mess with the tooth too much just in case it was my imagination and it really wasn't loose.

Well, the other day when B went to bite into an apple, he said that he couldn't eat it because of his tooth. That is when I caught him doing this.

I got a loose tooth

And this is B three hours later.

how much will I get for this?

I can't believe he is loosing teeth already, though I guess I shouldn't be too surprised because I know kids who have lost their baby teeth much earlier than this. The funny thing is, that as soon as B realized that his tooth was as loose as it was he took our point & shoot camera and took about three dozen pictures of his mouth. After the tooth came out, in addition to all of the pics that Hubby and I took of him, he took even more of himself.

Also look what I made this weekend.

Yee Haw Hat

It's the Yee Haw Lady hat from the Happy Hooker. I love it. My crochet skills are a bit lacking in the sense that I had to fudge with the pattern just a little because I couldn't keep the stitch count, but all in all I think the had turned out great. And it only took a few hours to complete. Though I think I need to learn how to hold the hook a bit differently because my fingers were a little sore afterwards

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Jean said...

The hat is fantastic! The story of B loosing a tooth, totally takes me back to when my brother and I were loosing teeth. Sometimes it was scary. Sometimes it was fun. But it was always fascinating and an "event".