Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The Force is With Us

As much as I love Halloween and getting dressed up, I am glad it is over. I have pretty much dedicated the last week to making their costumes which means I have had very little time to actually knit.

Hubby thinks I am a little nuts because every year it is the same thing. After the kids decide what they are going to be for Halloween, I go and scramble to make their costumes. Hubby thinks I should just buy the costume and every year I tell him the same thing. That I could make a better quality costume for less than what purchasing a costume would cost.

This year was no exception. The only thing is I was up at 6AM doing a bit of finishing work because I left the costumes to the last minute.

The boys loved their costumes which makes it all worth while. The funny thing is K initially wanted to be Steve from Blues Clues, but when he saw the fabric for B's costume he immediately changed his mind and decided he was going to be a Jedi from Star Wars, too.

I wonder what they are going to be next year.

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Melissa said...

That's too cute! You did a great job!