Tuesday, November 20, 2007

It could be worse

Things sure have been interesting around here.

Yesterday I had kept Little Monkey home from school for what I thought was the stomach flu. Turns out he has Scarlett Fever. That's right Scarlett Fever or Strep-Throat with a rash. I so know what he is going through.

Good thing though, the Dr. said we don't have to cancel Thanksgiving this year. Although, I wonder what would happen if I had to call everyone (about 30 people) and tell them we couldn't have it here this year. I'm sure they would all find another place to congregate, though I would miss having all of them.

Enough about that. I have a FO for all of you.

Hedgehog Rainbow Socks
click on pic for more info

Have a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving!

1 comment:

Jean said...

Oh no. I hope he's feeling better and nobody else got sick. And I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving despite the illness. Hosting 30 people for TG is brave under the best circumstances. Having a sick child while hosting 30 people is a whole other league.