Wednesday, April 11, 2007

I can finally breath

I feel as though I have been going non-stop.

Easter was great. The boys had a great time decorating and then searching for eggs.

This was one of my favorite eggs. B said that he wanted it to look like the world. I think he did a wonderful job.

We did brunch at our house and then we did dinner at my parents.

After two weeks off of school B went back on Monday. As I was doing some errands, I got a call from the school...B was in the health office because his eye was pink and watering. Me being the loving mother I am told the nurse, "It's allergies, put a cold compress on him and send him back to class when it no longer bothers him."

I did also tell her that I would be in when I cold to get him some eye drops to help with the itching. So, I really am not that callous. Just a little.

After school on Monday, the boys had their semi-annual dentist appointment. The good news is no new cavities....Yay! The bad news is B has a tooth abscess from one of the fillings that had been done previously, as a result, the tooth will have to be removed...BooHoo.

Hubby's brother and family were here Tuesday. Five kids in this house...great for the kids...loud for the adults.

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Jean said...

The egg totally looks like the world! Hope everyone feels better soon.